Is a Vertical Angle Right for your ERP Software Solution?

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When you think of the word, vertical, what comes to mind? After a few years in the ERP software business, vertical market comes to my mind almost automatically. Because of this, I want to revisit definitions to this rather versatile term. There’s of course, the vertical direction, but when I was scrolling through the different definitions on Wikipedia, one in particular caught my eye defining vertical angles:

  • Vertical (angles), a pair of angles sharing the same vertex and bounded by the same pair of lines but are opposite to each other

When comparing the definition above to vertical market, it really captures the power of the word and its ultimate meaning. They refer to completely different scopes, but yet are so similar.

  • Vertical market, a group of similar businesses and customers which engage in trade based on specific and specialized needs

For example, although a group of prospective customers are opposite from each other (separate entities); they are still connected and bounded by their specific set of needs or “vertex”.  Therefore, defining your vertical market can give you the ability to focus your solution and ultimately connect your business. Before you buy, ask yourself whether a vertical ERP solution is suitable for your organization.

Blue Moon Industries can help you define your vertical and enhance your business. Blue Moon Industries is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with competencies in Microsoft Business Solutions and ISV Software Solutions. As an organization focused on customer success, Blue Moon Industries is dedicated to helping businesses define, implement, and support information systems to meet their strategic business goals. Blue Moon Industries is a leading provider of ERP systems based on Microsoft Dynamics GP software.

By: Blue Moon Industries – Rhode Island Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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