No Fooling - 3 Dynamics GP Users For $1!

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One of my favorite days of the year is April 1st   aka April Fool’s Day.  In our family the excitement of this day is second only to opening day for baseball (the subject of my next blog) and the sophistication of the pranks we play on each other has grown over the years from the simple salt in the sugar shaker switch to hoaxes so elaborate it would require several blogs to explain.  Suffice to say, on April 1 my work productivity is somewhat nonexistent as all my effort is focused on perpetuating the tomfoolery of the day. We even have judges assess and rate the pranks and then crown the “king” of April Fools. 

Typically my preparation for this day begins about a month in advance so I am constantly on the alert for anything newsworthy that I can use as the foundation for my elaborate prank.  Because, you see, part of the challenge (and fun) of April Fool’s day is distinguishing between the trick and the truth.  So while in this (warped) frame of mind I come to learn about a special Microsoft promotion, offering new customers three Dynamics GP users for only $1.  Surely they jest I thought, so I set out to learn what fact might be in this obvious fiction. 

Believe it or not, the Dynamics user offer is true.  Through June 25, 2010 new customers can acquire up to three user licenses of Microsoft Dynamics GP for only $1.  In her March 16 post, my fellow blogger Anya Ciecierski provides great commentary regarding reasons and conditions of this promotion. Rather than repeating those here instead I will provide some additional perspective. 

To me, the real value behind what many may think is a foolish offer is that business executives can renew their focus on how their business will eventually evolve.  By eliminating or significantly reducing upfront software acquisition costs (especially for a startup company), attention can be better spent on evaluating the applicability of the Dynamics GP 2010 solution over time.  At a very little risk, in many cases you can deploy Dynamics GP and receive all the benefits of business ready licensing for only the costs of implementation and yearly software maintenance.  And that my friends is no joke…

By  The Knaster Technology Group, Denver, Colorado Microsoft Gold Certified Dynamics GP Partner for over twenty years (no kidding!)

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