How to Leverage the Growing Number of Online Resources for Microsoft Dynamics GP

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We have many options for getting free help for Microsoft Dynamics GP.  There are various online forums, newsgroups, tips & tricks, and blogs, all with knowledgeable people posting all sorts of information, relating their experiences and answering questions posted by users. 

Just because there is a lot of information available and people willing to provide it doesn't mean that obtaining what you need when you need it is going to be a simple matter.  Sometimes too many options can be as daunting as not enough. Here are some helpful tips and guidelines from an article on for getting the most out of the free resources available to help with Microsoft Dynamics GP questions you might have:

1.       Be specific and thorough in describing your problem.

  • Include what version (and preferably service pack or build) of Microsoft Dynamics GP you are on when asking a question. This can be critical to getting a proper answer, as functionality sometimes changes quite drastically with versions.
  • List what you have already done to try to troubleshoot your problem. This will save you from getting responses suggesting you try something that you already have and get you to a resolution that much faster.

2.       Try to find the answer yourself first.

  • Around this time of year there is a ton of year-end close and 1099 questions. It's entirely possible that your question has been answered already. Spend a little time searching the internet first.
  • If you're getting an error, type the error message into the Microsoft Dynamics GP Knowledgebase -often there will be a KB article addressing that exact error.

3.       Be a smart "buyer."

  • Don't take answers as gospel - remember most online forums are open to anyone. If you are not 100% sure of the consequences of following the advice offered, take the time to check with someone or wait for a ‘second opinion'. Consider testing somewhere other than your production environment and always make backups first.

4.       Be considerate

  • Keep in mind that most of the people answering questions online are doing this on their own time. Yes, they might be getting recognition, MVP awards, even finding work this way, but they are still volunteers. Treat them as such - they are helping you for free, taking time out of their day for you. Clichéd, but true, treat others as you would want to be treated in this situation.

Although the above actions can help you receive the answer you’re looking for online, having a Microsoft Dynamics Partner who specializes in Microsoft Dynamics GP to rely on is your overall best bet. For example, basic functionality questions ("How do I enter inventory transactions?") or very general questions ("How do I use FRx?") typically cannot be answered by online resources.

Anderson, Tackman & Company’s Accounting Software Consulting Group (ATCO) is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner specializing in Microsoft Dynamics® solutions including Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Retail Management System (RMS/POS).

By Sherry L. Berg, CPA & Suruchi Taneja, MBA/MIS, Anderson, Tackman & Co, PLC, a Wisconsin Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner.

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