3 Reasons Why Anytime is a Good Time for Microsoft Dynamics GP!

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  1. Microsoft’s Commitment
  2. Microsoft Office
  3. Partners

For everyone who has had to purchase a computer, they understand the fact that by the time they receive the computer from the manufacturer and get it up and running there is a newer technology that has become available.  Often when a person makes the decision to purchase a computer they will need to watch the technological advancements with the selling prices and gauge where they believe they will get the best value for their money. Of course, it is also important to take into consideration the anticipated satisfaction given the timeline by which the computer is needed.

The choice to make Microsoft Dynamics GP your ERP software system will allow you to avoid those feelings of “technological inadequacy”.  With Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can purchase an ERP software system that is flexible, responsive, modern, and evolving.  With the power of the Microsoft Development team, combined with the expertise of your Nebraska Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner there to assist you along your journey, you can be confident that you are not settling on whatever today’s Accounting Software technology consists of. Rather, you will be purchasing a comprehensive system that will be able to grow, adapt and drive you down whatever path you take your business.  Here are 3 reasons why anytime is a good time for a Microsoft Dynamics GP Implementation:

1.  Microsoft’s Commitment – Microsoft has published a Dynamics GP Roadmap that extends through 2016.  They have communicated a strong commitment to a timeline of new releases and service packs which enhance functionality and build upon new technology.  This can be further cemented by the addition of the recently completed third building at their Fargo, ND campus which houses the Dynamics GP development and support teams.

2.  Microsoft Office – There has been continued development to further enhance the seamless integration of Dynamics GP and the very popular Microsoft Office Products.  Using Microsoft Excel, for example, as the analysis and reporting tool for your company’s financial data means you are using a product you are already familiar with, significantly reducing learning time.   Since you use Microsoft Excel right now you can use Dynamics GP right now!

3.  Partners – With the experience and expertise of your Nebraska Great Plains Partner, you will have a resource available to customize, develop, and enhance GP as your needs change or grow.  Quadis Technologies is committed to being on the forefront of the latest GP innovations and enhancements whether they are from Microsoft, internal development or from Independent Software Vendors (ISV’s).   We will ensure that you are aware of all new enhancements and products for Dynamics GP as they become available.

By Quadis Technologies – Nebraska Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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