Dynamics GP - 3 Users For A Buck? What?

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I am going back to my "roots" here, and do an old school blog - just me, typing my thoughts on a topic.

A lot of people by now have heard about Dynamics GP Three Users for $1 promotion.  My first thoughts were:  "And the catch is....?",  as well as:  "And how many years of maintenance do you have to pay up front?"   Well, it turns out there is no catch, the only maintenance required up front is the first year, which is standard anyway.

So what does this mean? Is this a desperation move by Microsoft? I don't think so.  After all, it would be one thing to offer 50% off to try to boost license revenue for this fiscal year, but offering it for a dollar....well, that won't make anyone's numbers.  I see this as a long term bet on Dynamics GP.  By giving the software away, Microsoft is banking that they will ultimately have more clients paying maintenance down the road.  That in turn strengthens the product in the long run.  And by enouraging people to install software now, they give a boost to the Dynamics Partner channel  by creating more clients in need of consulting services.

So count me as a beleiver in this program.  And to anyone out there who needs assistance in buying those 3 licenses, I've got a dollar bill right here with your name on it. Give me a call!

By Intellitec Solutions,  Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner serving the Greater Philly area

Intellitec Solutions is a Pennsylvania Microsoft Dynamics GP Provider

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