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RSM McGladrey’s annual Manufacturing and Wholesale Distribution Survey indicated that one of the top 3 critical areas of technology needs for manufacturers and distributors is better reporting and analytics. Even companies which report their needs are being met by their current IT systems should be looking for ways to expand the use of their data. The company that has the right data in real time can make the right decisions and be a leader in the marketplace.

Microsoft Dynamics GP provides significant reporting improvement for distribution companies by providing ease of access to information through common tools such as Excel, Outlook, and SharePoint.  Smart Lists and refreshable Excel reports can easily be used by management and other users to provide quick real-time snapshots of sales orders, inventory quantities, and shipment status. More detailed multi-dimensional analysis can be accomplished through integrated Excel pivot tables using Analysis Cubes for Excel.  Tasks which used to take days of analysis or weeks of development can now be quickly accomplished with no need for technical support.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, to be released later this spring, will add greater ease and simplicity to these capabilities by incorporating role-based key performance indicators directly on the user’s home page.  These metrics include the ability to drill-down into detail, a powerful feature for truly useful analysis.

RSM McGladrey provides business software solutions in Wholesale Distribution which include warehouse management, sales order automation, bar coding, and radio frequency.

By: Michele Juliana, RSM McGladrey Accounting Software Solutions for Wholesale Distribution

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