Payroll And Paid Time Off Manager Module for Microsoft Dynamics GP

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It’s that time of year again, you may be looking at how to best administer your unique and complex PTO (paid time off) Plan without spending weeks sifting through data, and the costs and time involved for the payroll team to manage manual PTO recordkeeping.

There is a way to enable your staff to manage complex and changing payroll situations quickly and accurately. Some of the features included within the PTO Manager module are:

  • Easy and quick setup:  sets up accrual schedules  using the Employee Setup window to configure the accrual and maximum settings.  Appropriate accrual schedules are assigned to eligible employees.
  • PTO policies setup:  ensures fair and consistent policy enforcement by incorporating your existing policies, including Use it or Lose It policies.
  • Automate manual processes:  set up PTO plans for defined groups, replacing time-consuming manual processes and making maintenance and upkeep easy.

If you would like to see more information about PTO Manager for Microsoft Dynamics GP visit our website for the brochure.

If you’re looking for specific Microsoft Dynamics GP or CRM information, you can also check out the resources on the Sherwood Systems website.  And if you’re located in Arizona or New Mexico area, contact Sherwood Systems for assistance in determining if a technology solution can help your organization better serve your business needs. (877) 943-9696

by Ed Bonaski, Sherwood Systems an Arizona Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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