Know the Rules of the Game when Searching for an ERP Software Solution

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A lot of software purchasers go into the process assuming an ERP software purchase is just like any other business purchase.  But there is a game to it.  Everyone knows to beware the salesperson taking advantage of uninformed customers.  So, you do your research provided by the software vendors.  But, there is no Consumer Reports “Best Buy” for ERP Software.  The good news is there are lots of websites that have tons of information to help you make those decisions.  The bad news is that there are lots of websites.

 I read a great article today called Confessions of an ERP Sales Rep.   This well-written article helps you understand the game of software sales.  Learn about the four dimensions – requirements, technology, relationship and emotional.   You will learn to balance these four dimensions and get helpful tips for playing the ERP software selection game. 

Someone with eleven years of software implementation experience in the Microsoft Dynamics world can help you guide you through the process.  Contact Crestwood Associates at for your Microsoft Dynamics GP and CRM software needs in the Chicago Illinois area.

By Mary Lenehan, Client Education Manager at Crestwood Associates.

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