How Alaska Clean Seas Uses Microsoft Dynamics GP Fixed Assets to Cut Work Time From 7 Days to 2 Hours

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Alaska Clean Seas protects the environment by providing response services to the Alaska North Slope Crude Oil producers and the first 167 miles of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline system. A client of Arctic Information Technology, Alaska Clean Seas has used Microsoft Dynamics GP for more than 10 years.

All the employees, contractors, and funding organizations of Alaska Clean Seas are focused on one clear goal—protecting our environment, and doing it safely. “We conduct safety and response training constantly,” says Accounting Supervisor Karen Renk. Our goal is to train all the workers on The North Slope to be able to assist in the event of a spill.”

Karen takes just as much care in keeping Alaska Clean Seas operating smoothly. “In addition to our full-time employees,” explains Renk, “we have at least 300 contractors.” Renk relies on Microsoft Dynamics GP to effectively track sales, payables, inventory, and fixed assets. “We recently implemented the Microsoft Dynamics GP Fixed Asset module and that’s proven to be wonderful,” says Renk. “We track about 1,200 assets, which is 25 million dollars of inventory.” 

ACS was also able to import their fixed asset records from cumbersome spreadsheets into Microsoft Dynamics GP. According to Renk, “what used to take a week—going through the spreadsheets and verifying everything to turn in the inventory list for our property taxes—now takes me about two hours.”  With employees on “The Slope” in Prudhoe Bay working two weeks on and two weeks off, calculating benefits deductions can be challenging.  "We use SmartLists in Microsoft Dynamics GP to quickly calculate employees’ base pay and number of weeks worked so we can ensure their insurance deductions are correct.”

Arctic Information Technology has been very supportive in teaching us to get the full benefit from the system we own,” says Renk. “They helped us set up our fixed assets processes so it works best for us. They also helped us link our sales and inventory processes so we can create invoices that are meaningful to us. Essentially, they help us get the most value out of our Microsoft Dynamics GP investment.”

by Arctic IT, Alaska Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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