10 Signs You’ve Outgrown QuickBooks

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QuickBooks is an amazingly diverse and easy-to-use software for a growing business, with many ways to expand the software so that it can evolve with your business. However, there will come a point when your company will outgrow QuickBooks and it will no longer be the best choice for you.  Maybe it's time to consider  web-based financial management software when this article starts hitting close to home.

You love QuickBooks.  QuickBooks may have been good to you.  But maybe it’s time to move up.

Your business has been using QuickBooks for years to manage customer accounts, keep track of inventory and business finances, create forms for your business use, and store information on your customers, vendors, and other contacts. You’ve purchased all 20 concurrent licenses, you’ve set into motion aggressive growth plans, and you’re ready to formalize the financial management of your company.  Now is the time to consider  a QuickBooks Alternative:

1.     Industrial-strength Information Security:  Small and medium sized businesses have the same information security needs as  large businesses.  You need the peace of mind that your company’s financial, customer, inventory, payroll, and reporting information is proactively managed, is backed up, has redundancy/failover capability, and is protected from external security intrusions.

2.     Full/Tighter Business Integration:  In the global marketplace, it is critical that you consider tools that allow you to integrate your business to save money and integrate to your suppliers and customers for additional responsiveness and profit.

3.     Greater Productivity and ROI:  You want all of your employees using the best tools to manage sales order processing, inventory, customer relationships, payroll, and the like.  If you have more than 20 people who need access, it’s time to move up.

4.     Special/Unique Business Requirement:  Your customers and business are unique.  You need to have a financial system that adapts to your business, bringing you the greatest benefit.  Small and medium businesses should never have to compromise on taking care of business.

5.     Better Business Planning/Reporting:  To compete today, small and medium businesses need to have the best planning and management tools.  You need to understand where your business stands at all times, where your customers are, and have access to information to make faster, more informed decisions.

6.     More Transaction Capability:  A small and medium business should never be held back by their financial system.  Being able to handle more customers, vendors, inventory items, internal and external customer requirements - and all at greater transaction volumes and speed - are key to your businesses growth and success.

7.     Tighter Internal ControlsWaste and internal process costs rob profitability.  Having tighter internal controls gives you the ability to reduce or eliminate waste, drive out costly processes, and create new incremental profits to your business.

8.     Full Financial Accountability:  Small and medium businesses need full audit trails, double entry accounting, rich business reporting, and automated processes just like large business.

9.     Business Differentiation and Advantage:  As you compete and grow, you need tools that directly contribute to creating advantages that your competition doesn’t have and differentiation that your customers recognize.  Your fully integrated financial system can provide new levels of responsiveness, customer satisfaction, and profitability to your business – making you and your business stand out from the crowd.

10.   You Want Help NOW!:  When a problem hits, you want it to go away right now.  Don’t spend time ‘browsing’ for answers or waiting for a support ‘call back’ or get charged by the minute for every problem.  Rest easy by getting the best, immediate application and technology support possible, right now - no waiting!

By SMB Suite., Microsoft Dynamics GP and CRM Partner for Southern Texas

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