Sneak Peek Statistics From Upcoming 2010 ERP Benchmark Study

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A well known independent consulting group will soon release their 2010 ERP Benchmark report that polls over 2000 organizations.  While these reports generally focus on findings for large companies and large Tier 1 implementations, I still think there is great value in analyzing the findings for the small and midmarket companies we work with too.

You can read the full blog report on the Microsoft Dynamics Community site but here are a few interesting statistics I pulled out:

Highlights from Panorama’s Upcoming 2010 ERP Benchmark Study

  • 64% cited poor integration between functional areas in the old system as a driver for a new system, followed by 62% citing poor visibility to reports and key operational data.
  • Over 60% of organizations suffer from poor visibility to data and poor integration in their old systems.
  • 69% percent of companies expect their systems to improve business performance, while 39% expect the new system to standardize business operations and 39% also expect the new system to make employees’ jobs easier.
  • Over 40% of companies implementing ERP software are dealing with either a new CEO or the addition of new office locations.  
  •  53% of implementing organizations self-assess their ability to deal with change as fairly poor or very poor.
  • Nearly 50% of companies in the process of implementing ERP software have not yet started their organizational change, training, or communication plans.  In addition, 42% have not developed a business case and ROI analysis, which suggests companies are not ready to measure and manage the business benefits they expect to achieve.  

The author makes a very astute comment is his summary: “Success or failure has very little to do with software, which is why organizations need to carefully plan and allocate project resources to effectively handle organizational change management activities as part of their enterprise software initiatives.”

When this 2010 ERP Benchmark study is available I will certainly give a follow up report to our readers.  If you are among the 64% who need better integration between your software systems or would like to discuss the best way to plan for an ERP project contact us at CAL Business Solutions.  

By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP Software Partner

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