Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 - Name Change And Beta Released!

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Microsoft has announced that the next release of Microsoft Dynamics GP will be called Dynamics GP 2010 (code name GP 11) and is now released to Beta!  This name change will coincide with Microsoft’s corporate decision to incorporate the release year into product names.

Over 500 Microsoft Dynamics GP Partners attended the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Launch Overview Webinar on January 13, 2010.  So for those wondering, yes, Live Meeting can handle that number of attendees!  Those in attendance received information about the upcoming GP 2010 Readiness Roadshows, which will be sponsored by Microsoft, along with details on how Partners can also host their own GP 2010 Events and allow both prospects and current customers to sign up through the Microsoft website.

Watch for these Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 events in the May through July 2010 timeframe – and learn what incredible features have been added to the product!  OR, just plan to attend Convergence, Microsoft’s Annual Customer Conference, April 24-27, 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia.

During the Launch Webinar on the 13th, Errol Schoenfish, Dir of Product Mgt for Microsoft Dynamics GP, and Rich Miller, US Microsoft Dynamics GP Product Marketing, shared that this release of Microsoft Dynamics GP incorporated many of the Microsoft Solution teams’ input to greatly enhance the integration with other Microsoft tools and solutions.  For example, this release will incorporate tighter integration with areas such as:

  • Microsoft Office Products (Word and Excel Documents created directly within GP 2010)
  • Unified Communications (See online presence of customers/vendors via Instant Messaging)
  • Microsoft CRM (New Adapter Tool already released)

The GP 2010 release has three major focuses for clients:

  1.  To Enhance User Insight
  2. To Make it Easy
  3. To Extend Connectivity

Through these goals, Microsoft will give the users specific features like:

  • Send customer/vendor facing Office (word) documents directly within GP 2010
  • Right Click Mouse enablement.
  • See multiple “Key Metrics” on user Home Pages (i.e. top selling products, sales reps, customers)
  • Management Reporter – for financials (see CPM Blog for Management Reporter details)
  • Additional Out-of-the-box SRS reports (SQL Services Reports)

Microsoft has already posted a website location for existing customers to stay connected to the details of the upcoming release, including upgrade paths from previous releases, system requirements, and download links.  These will continue to be updated as the product nears general availability.

Technical  details on the general availability release are soon to be published, just watch this ERP Software blog, Microsoft Dynamics GP’s Inside Scoop blog, or the Microsoft website for the facts!

If you are considering Microsoft Dynamics GP for your ERP Software needs, please call Borek Business Solutions at 541-345-3883 or

By Abra Gilman, Borek Business Solutions, Oregon Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Partner

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