Connecticut Companies Educated On "Greening" The Supply Chain

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I came across this webcast offered by a local Connecticut company (CONNSTEP) that consults with small and midsized manufacturing companies; it looks interesting.  When Connecticut distribution and manufacturing companies looking to purchase new ERP/accounting software call CAL Business Solutions, “green” questions come up more and more often. So why not check out this session!

"Greening" the Supply Chain

Successful supply chain management is about value creation - building relationships with your suppliers and your customers - all while managing the flow of goods, services and information. The emergence of globalization, outsourcing, regulatory compliance and security concerns complicates matters. For example, you - the manufacturer - are expected to take responsibility for the end-of-life disposal of product and packaging. Green supply chains are more complex - from the creation and purchase of production materials to the delivery and ultimate disposition of the finished product.

The emphasis is on cost reduction and lessening the impact on the environment. This means that every link in the supply chain needs to adopt a green approach and becoming part of a green supply chain begins at home.

Join Judy Wlodarczyk, CONNSTEP's Director of Environmental Services, for this one hour webcast where

  • we will explore how to achieve green improvements
  • you will learn how to make your products and services more attractive to your customers
  • we will provide easy and effective ways to begin "greening" your supply chain.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010 12:00 p.m.  Register Now

Check it out and tell them CAL Business Solutions sent you! Then ask us how Microsoft Dynamics GP can help you track green initiatives.

For more on this topic check out my last post: “The Triple Bottom Line” – Tracking Financial, Social and Environmental Performance – Going Green with Microsoft Dynamics GP and a great one by Alice Burke: Taking on “Green” Accounting Practices with Microsoft Dynamics GP

By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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