Wow…Advanced Technologies with Microsoft Dynamics GP Version 11.0

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Written by Matt Pfountz, Technical Consultant, InterDyn Artis
Microsoft Dynamics GP 11 is releasing next year and with it comes advancements in many of the underlying technologies.  Microsoft Dynamics GP is establishing itself as the most integrated ERP in the Microsoft offering. Dynamics GP 11 will offer new integrations to Microsoft SharePoint and Windows Workflow Foundation.  In addition, there will be more integration to Dynamics CRM.  Dynamics GP 11 will offer a new way of generating formatted reports using Word templates.  Finally, and perhaps the most exciting, is the introduction of a new financial reporting package, Management Reporter. 

Dynamics GP has been integrating with SharePoint for quite some time through a product called Business Portal.  This web based solution offers additional value from Dynamics GP by extending it to non accounting members of an organization.  Users can see thing such as vendor and customer cards and balances.   Business Portal for GP 11 will be based on SharePoint 2010.  It will add metrics and measures in the form of SQL Reporting Services reports.  These reports will be interactive and allow users to drill through accounting metrics to see detail.  Users will be able to leverage the new functionality of SharePoint 2010, including dash boarding and document management. 

Dynamics GP 11 is extending their already robust workflow integration.  They are adding several new workflows including customer and vendor approvals and employee setup workflows.  The workflows will run on SharePoint Services and be available to anyone running Windows SharePoint Services. 

Dynamics GP 11 will be integrated directly with Microsoft Dynamics CRM using an included Microsoft integration tool.  This means that organizations will no longer have to pay for an integration package to synchronize customer information across databases.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 11 includes a new way of generating statements and reports.  Users will now have the option to design templates in Microsoft Word that can be formatted with a company’s branding.  This allows for rapid creation of reports and quick deployment of the ERP system.  When a user prints a document such as an invoice, the associated word template will be merged with the dataset and the user will have the option to either print or email the document directly through Outlook. 

Management Reporter builds upon the success of Microsoft FRx as a reporting tool while overhauling the interface to be more consistent with other Microsoft products.  Users will continue to build their reports in a report writer and manage them through Management Reporter.  Management Reporter will work across the Dynamics General Ledger systems for all of the Microsoft ERP products which will allow Microsoft to more rapidly evolve their financial reporting products.  Version 3 of Management reporter, which is due with GP12, will include some extended budgeting capabilities.

Dynamics GP 11 is a feature rich release that has hooks into all of the latest Microsoft technologies.  Microsoft continues to invest huge amounts of R&D in developing Microsoft Dynamics GP into the industry leader in terms of technology. Continue to check InterDyn Artis blogs on the ERP Software Blog website for more exciting news about the release of Microsoft Dynamics 11.0. Contact InterDyn Artis for any of your ERP software needs.

5 thoughts on “Wow…Advanced Technologies with Microsoft Dynamics GP Version 11.0”

  1. When one deliberates the issue at hand, i have to agree with your endings. You understandably show knowledge about this matter and i have much to discover after reading your article.Much greetings and i will come back for any further updates.

  2. The final feature list hasn't been released, but here are some HR things I saw on the alpha list.

    • Secondary Employee Status code
    • Excel lists for employee certification, employee license, etc.
    • Integration into Security Tasks/Roles
    • Incorporate payroll edit reports during calc check process so it is more automatic
    • PTO Manager UI Refresh
    • Ability to view and reprint checks or remittance forms for Payroll
    • Incorporate multi-build tool into Payroll
    • Allow minimum wage requirement across Garnishments

    There will be much more mentioned in the coming months and especially at Convergence in Atlanta on April 24-27. Hope this helps!

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