Employee Buy-In: How One Company Harnessed This Essential Element To ERP Implementation Success

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Earlier this year, The Pandora Consulting Group released a study showing that 40% of companies surveyed that had implemented an ERP solution in the last three years listed “Lack of employee buy-in” as the biggest challenge to the success of their implementation. 

It’s clear that gaining employee buy-in is key to unlocking a successful ERP software implementation, but figuring out how to do that is tricky. 

Here’s an example of how Neundorfer, an Ohio Clean Tech consulting and manufacturing company, worked with Socius, their Microsoft Dynamics partner, to engage their employees from the beginning of the software selection process to ensure a successful implementation. 

Software Selection based on Business Requirements

From the time they reached out to Socius for assistance in selecting a new ERP software solution, Neundorfer was already including employees from across the organization in their decision making process.  Socius’ first step in any engagement with a new client is to perform a business requirements assessment.  Neundorfer made available people from every department, from finance and operations to sales and marketing, for Socius to  question so as to determine what their needs really were and to be able to suggest the solution that would best fit their business.  Neundorfer ultimately decided on an integrated Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution that would fit the needs of everyone in the organization. 

“Socius listened, they understood our process, they asked a lot of powerful and good questions and then they came up with a solution.”
- Mike Neundorfer, CEO at Neundorfer

Request a complimentary Business Strategy Assessmentby Socius

Review Business Processes as a Team

Prior to jumping into the implementation project, Neundorfer partnered with Socius to complete a comprehensive business process review (BPR) which allowed Socius to work with the staff to identify current business processes and develop best practices going forward.  This review was another opportunity for individuals across the organization to make sure that their day-to-day activities were supporting the goals of the organization efficiently.  Neundorfer saw immediate benefits from the BPR including reduced meeting times which resulted in significant cost savings for the company.

“By involving our entire team in the process, getting their feedback and buy-in, we were able to streamline many operations.”
- Jean Ockuly, VP of Finance at Neundorfer

Internal Training Shows Corporate Ownership

A standard part of Socius’ implementation methodology, in which Neundorfer participated, is the training of the user community.  For this training, Socius trained the project leadership team and was on-hand to contribute subject matter expertise; however, the general user training was conducted by the project team.  Having the project team lead this training proves to the staff that the leaders are invested in the project and the success of the ERP implementation.  This training also gives the project team and Socius the opportunity to test their assumptions and refine the new processes to ensure that the solution works as it was intended for all users, allowing them to see how their needs are being addressed by the solution prior to “Go Live.” 

Use Technology to Demonstrate the Value of the Individual

Neundorfer has a large computer monitor hanging prominently in their facility that displays sales figures, backlog volume, production costs and other current data.  Socius showed Neundorfer how they could use their new Microsoft Dynamics GP solution to extract that data and stream it live to the monitors so that employees could refer to it and see how their work to boost sales and minimize costs is affecting the organization in real-time.

“Across every department, our staff understands the value they add to the company and the importance of their positions and the work they do. They look for ways to improve our operations, and that leads to better quality for our customers.”
- Jean Ockuly, VP of Finance at Neundorfer

Ongoing Engagement through Ongoing Education

Neundorfer continues to keep their employees plugged-in and up-to-date on the latest tools and resources for Microsoft Dynamics GP by encouraging them to participate in educational opportunities that Socius and Microsoft offer.  GP users from Neundorfer are consistently on Socius’ monthly webinars where they learn tips and tricks to enhance their use of the product and improve their organization's results.  Additionally, Neundorfer sent representatives from every department to Socius’ annual Aspire conference so that everyone in the organization could benefit from the knowledge that the attendees brought back.  Having people from various roles participating in these learning opportunities not only keeps the employees engaged in and using the software, but it also keeps the partner more involved and gives Socius more opportunities to help Neundorfer continue to make the most of their Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP software.

To hear from the Neundorfer staff about why they chose Microsoft Dynamics GP and Socius, watch this video!

By Socius, an Ohio Microsoft Dynamics GP and CRM Partner and a 2009 Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner of the Year Finalist

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