Beyond The Brochure – What Really Matters To Dynamics Users?

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As you evaluate ERP options for your organization, the brochures that you receive from vendors will focus on features and functionality.  You’ll find that Dynamics has extensive functionality that can support most organizations well.  And while it is critical that the solution you choose has the core functionality that you need, what other factors can help you make the best decision?

One way is to ask current Dynamics users about the benefits they receive from the solution.  When you ask, you’ll get different perspectives on how the solution functionally helps them manage their department or organization.  But you will also likely hear a couple of benefits that aren’t in the brochures.   Most veteran Dynamics users will mention one or all of the following:

  • “My relationship with my Dynamics Partner is more than just Vendor.”  Trusted advisor is an overworked phrase, but you hear it often from Dynamics users when they talk about the Partner that implemented and supports their system.    Established Dynamics Gold Partners have done hundreds of implementations and the knowledge gained through that experience helps new clients.  Best practices on everything from Chart of Accounts set up to shipping vendor recommendations adds huge value to the clients of experienced Dynamics Partners.
  • “I look forward to Convergence all year.”  There is no other user conference like the annual meeting of over 9,000 Dynamics Users, Partners and Solution Providers. Held in the spring (Atlanta in April 2010) the conference allows users to learn and share with others in a fun filled and learning intensive setting.  Return attendance is phenomenally high because attendees get so much value from the time they spend with the Dynamics community.
  • “All my data belongs to me.”  While they probably won’t say it quite that way, you get the idea.  Microsoft SQL Server provides the data foundation to give Dynamics users easy access to information when they need it, wherever they need it.  The flexibility of SQL for reporting, integration to other applications and interchange with the web is unmatched.  If you are a QuickBooks user now, this one probably sounds very tantalizing.

So when you are evaluating ERP systems, go beyond the brochures; seek out current Dynamics users and find out what matters to them.

Elaine Crooks, BroadPoint Technologies, (301) 634-2463 A Virginia Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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