Connecticut Distribution Company Serves Customers Better Using Microsoft Dynamics GP & SalesPad

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CAL Business Solutions recently installed an add on product called SalesPad for our client, Custom Bottle, a Naugatuck, Connecticut based distribution company using Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Because Custom Bottle extended their existing Microsoft Dynamics GP application to the rest of the organization using SalesPad, they increased the amount of information employees know about customers and their orders.  What Custom Bottle discovered is true for most companies:  when employees who wouldn’t normally use the ERP system are given access to key financial information, it positively effects sales, deepens the relationship with customers and adds value that positively affects the bottom line.


  • Easy to install with an existing Microsoft Dynamics GP system.
  • Detailed on time delivery reports leads to increased business with existing customers.
  • Single screen access to customer and sales data including inventory available across 10 warehouses.
  • Fantastic support by the local CAL team.

Barry Lerman, President & CEO says, “Customers want to know you are doing a good job for them.  To be able to show them that we shipped 99% of their orders on time is very powerful.  SalesPad gives us a better way to analyze our customer information and find ways we can increase business with them. I feel confident it is increasing our business.”

Read the full case study: Custom Bottle Serves Customers Better Using Microsoft Dynamics GP + SalesPad 

CAL Business Solutions works with more than 75 distribution and light manufacturing companies in Connecticut and across the USA.  Our clients use Microsoft Dynamics GP + SalesPad as a full featured yet affordable supply chain management system that connects sales, warehousing, purchasing and finance.  

If you are a Connecticut or New England distribution company, contact CAL Business Solutions to determine if Microsoft Dynamics GP is the right ERP system for your needs.

by CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut/Massachusetts Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

1 thought on “Connecticut Distribution Company Serves Customers Better Using Microsoft Dynamics GP & SalesPad”

  1. Anya
    Thanks a nice story and SalesPad seems interesting. At Ignify, We've achieved the same thing through Microsoft CRM by exposing financial data using Microsoft CRM the information in the browser and Outlook for our clients. We certainly have seen better engagement when they have access to key customer data. So we can related to that.

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