4 Ways to Ensure Success with Your New ERP Software System Implementation

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Switching to a new ERP program, like Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains), presents great opportunities within your company for increasing efficiency, improved reporting and analytics, and reducing the overall costs of operations.  You have successfully completed the software evaluation process and signed the contracts.  Should be smooth sailing from this point forward, right?  Not so fast.  In many ways, the toughest part of a companywide software implementation is just beginning. Your software Implementation project will take time, hard work from everyone involved, and the dedication of your project team.  By following these four guidelines, you will have a much easier time with your implementation.

1.     Take small steps to implementation

2.      Focus on the long term benefits of the implementation

3.      Don’t make the new software feel like the old software

4.      Be flexible with the implementation plan

Every company, and every software implementation, is a little different.  Each circumstance may require small adjustments, and these will continue as the project moves forward.  Beginning with the initial project scoping, requirements gathering and gap analysis, thru the pilot program, user and system testing, your overall project perspective should be focused on achieving your primary goals and objectives.  Be prepared for the small deviations that will inevitably occur, and do not let the overall project get derailed. ERP Implementation projects can be successful by working together and focusing on the overall benefits of the new system you will achieve.

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