To CRM or Not to CRM?

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Yes, I know this is an ERP Blog, however, I consider CRM an integral part to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) - Don’t you?

If not maybe you should, but that is a subject for another time.

In today’s economic climate many companies are cutting back or simply hanging tight with IT/Business Intelligence budgets, and while this is understandable, I would like to pose the question –

Do you invest in a new or updated CRM model or not?

If you truly have a handle on your significant investment in your customer base and are taking advantage of all opportunities that you can then no. However, if you are like many companies, do you really know that you know you are leveraging all you can in expanded, new or current opportunities?

With products like the updated Microsoft Dynamics CRM, designed to track and market to your current and potential customer base, maybe it is time to pose the question.

A good CRM system can help you to focus on existing customers and maximize opportunities.  It should be easy to use, easy to access and understandable for those who have daily hands-on.  It would come with flexible deployment and purchase options, allowing for fit for businesses of all sizes and integration with current systems.  Also of notable mention – expansions that tie to newer technologies like Twitter and Facebook and the look and feel of an interface already widely accepted by the user community would be great.

So to answer the above question:

To CRM or Not to CRM?

In today’s economic climate where many companies are cutting back or simply hanging tight with IT/Business Intelligence budgets.

To CRM is the only answer.

If you have a CRM system now – verify you are getting all you can out of your system and take advantage of your opportunities. You have already made an investment in your customer base; expand on that to help drive your business forward.

If do not have a CRM system now – I would urge you to investigate, this is one place you don’t want to cut back nor hang tight. To help you get that great ROI; plan, plan, and plan some more, then implement and train (don’t forget to implement and train).  Get expert help from knowledgeable sources, on-line sites and white papers, do your research.  These will give you valuable information and ideas for your own CRM implementation.

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