3 Sneak Peak Highlights of the New Microsoft Dynamics GP Version 11.0

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A post on www.MSDynamicsWorld.com (An Advance Look at Microsoft Dynamics GP 11.0 Shows Easier Data Access and More Customization) gives a nice overview of the presentation given by Brian Meier, Microsoft Program Manager, during the Illinois GPUG Summit (an event for Microsoft Dynamics GP Users). 

3 Highlights of Microsoft Dynamics GP 11.0 that I gleaned from the post are:

1)     Simplified access to data

2)     More customization

3)     More Microsoft Office templates (Integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP and Office is awesome!)

A focus of version 11 will be the ability to simplify data.  One way is the ability to investigate into data easily. Meier said, "If you have an issue, you will be able to drill back into that issue. Instead of sorting through a spreadsheet, it is easier to see a high level and then be able to drill down into the areas that interest you."

Another topic was customization.  "The Dynamics GP role center, in version 10, was based around Office web components with no option to customize metrics," Meier said. "That was a big issue.” Microsoft Version 11 will have an additional option in the Dynamics GP role center to use reporting services metrics.

Meier also focused on the changes version 11.0 would offer users in regard to Word templates. He said there will be integration with Microsoft Office Word and that GP 11.0 will offer 22 templates "out of the box." Users will also have the ability to create and modify work in Word and that the new version will support a multitude of templates for each Report Writer report.

Microsoft Dynamics GP version 11 is scheduled for release by the middle of 2010.

With all these great new features you may ask, “Should I delay my purchase of Microsoft Dynamics GP and wait for Version 11?”  To get the answer, Check out this post.

 Stay tuned to www.erpsoftwareblog.com for more insights into this exciting new release.

by CAL Business Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) Expert in Connecticut

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