A Perfect Fit—Alternatives with Job Cost, Project Accounting, and Service Management Functionality

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One of the strengths of Microsoft Dynamics GP is its abundance of alternative modules and third-party products that can fit exactly the type of costing and billing unique to your company.  Computeration personnel have in-depth experience assessing the nuances and needs for this type of functionality.

At its basic level, companies may need spur-of-the-moment project tracking.  Analytical Accounting dimensions can provide this capability, tracking marketing events in various cities; tracking company equipment by vehicle across maintenance, repair, insurance, depreciation, and interest accounts; or monitoring grants for not-for-profit organizations.  Analytical Accounting provides for budgets and interfaces with the financial statement report writer, FRx.

Included with Dynamics GP Advanced Management, Project Accounting is a powerful module for professional service firms.  We use it internally and it fits us well.  While Project Accounting’s primary focus is timekeeping and billing, it also interfaces to Inventory.

Available as an a la carte module, Microsoft Dynamics GP’s Field Service modules add powerful functionality for service call and depot management.  Mobile technology is available with this module.

The Service Management software that we prefer is a strong fit for field service organizations, landscape contractors, and computer & telecommunications contractors.  It pays for itself by optimizing service routes, reducing transportation costs, and connecting an organization to its customers to schedule regular maintenance—transforming the way your company delivers quality service and builds profitable customer relationships.

If your focus is more inventory and expenses than time billing, Job Cost is more appropriate.  This third-party module has been around since the DOS days of Great Plains.  One of our timber companies uses Job Cost to track all costs associated with the maintenance, road construction, and agriculture on their tree farms.  They also use it to track property taxes bills for every parcel of land that they own, sorted by tree farm and cross-sorted by county and state.  The developer also has strong Service Management, Equipment Management, and mobile technology.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM also has third-party adaptations for deploying field service management.  CRM has the capability to expand past Customer Relationship Management to Employee, Vendor, and Member Management. CRM can be custom linked to GP to fit your needs perfectly.

Whatever your need with job, project, and service management, Microsoft Dynamics GP has a module that you can evaluate and use to improve your company’s performance and customer relations.

By Computeration, providing Service Management, Job Cost, and Project Accounting for Microsoft Dynamics GP in Idaho and the Pacific NW.

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