Why Would Anyone Love General Ledger?

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No, we're not talking about a military campaign here.  Just thinking through what really excites the accountants in our world.  Here are the top 5 "oohs" and "aahs" we hear every day when discussing the benefits of the Microsoft Dynamics GP General Ledger:

1) Flexibility:   You define the chart of accounts.  With up to 10 segments and 66 digits, reporting capabilities are almost unlimited.

2) Correct feature:  Call it the "Undo" button with an audit trail.  Quickly back out any journal entry and create a correcting entry, saving  hours of time and aggravation.

3) Quick journals:  Forget manually entering all those GL accounts month after month for the same type of entry.  Set up templates to make it simple and quick.

4) Automated allocations:  Say no more.  Spread out overhead costs through fixed, variable, or any combination of the above .  Automate these allocations to your heart's content by using statistical accounts, other GL accounts, or fixed percentages.

5) Upload:  And finally, easy uploads from Excel spreadsheets for your most complicated journal entries.  Be still, my heart.

By RSM McGladrey Inc – NY Metro Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

4 thoughts on “Why Would Anyone Love General Ledger?”

  1. Joe
    There are actually three ways to upload data via excel into Dynamics GP
    1. Integration Manager
    2. eConnect
    3. Table Import into SQL

    Most accountants prefer Intergratin manager because it is a UI tool and provides validations. eConnect will also provide validations but is more of a technical tool (with additional flexibility). Table Import into SQL is the most flexible but with no validations - and not typically recommended unless you know the physical data structure of Dynamics GP very well.

    Also some areas have a direct import from excel such as Fixed Assets. What are you trying to do?

  2. Mary Lenehan, Crestwood Associates

    In version 10, you forgot about the Reconciliation to GL features for Payables and Receivables. Takes the headache and hours and hours of work out of reconciling your sub-ledgers to the general ledger. Love it!

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