Take Baby Steps During Implementation ~ Don't Overwork or Work Over your Employees

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Obviously it is important to have 'buy in' from your employees when implementing a new ERP system.  Change is rough for many folks, but if there are clear, exciting, simple goals set at the beginning of the implementation project, your success will be within reach!

With a product like Microsoft Dynamics GP, using a "Business Ready Licensing" methodology, you can gain access to many modules and therefore automate many departments and procedures within your organization.  But, if they are rushed into production, your employees feel worked over and overworked! 

Many customers originally purchased Microsoft Dynamics GP for its strong financial reporting capabilities.  Although there were also pretty graphs, workflow, and integration to office products, the primary reason many of these companies migrated to Microsoft was because their old financial systems were obsolete and just couldn't keep up with the demands of their users and managers.  So, these successful implementations began by replacing these obsolete systems ~ Accounts Payable, integrations to Billing systems, Accounts Receivable, and of course FRx Financial Reporting modules were the first to be completed.  So, now it is time for "Phase Two" and "Phase Three" of these implementations ~ and boy are they exciting! 

Here are some projects our current customers have underway and are finishing up by Fall!  We've provided some links to a case study, fact sheets, customer newsletters and tips which we continually share with our own customers.

  • Utilizing Forecaster  with their Financials to make budgeting a breeze! 
  • Implementing FRx Webport to open intranet financial drilldown access to managers!
  • Taking Advantage of the Extender Tool to add specific note windows to AR.
  • Using the SQL Reporting Services available within Microsoft implementations to generate on demand reports ~ shared within our Dynamics GP Customer Newsletter.
  • Another customer has decided to implement the Dynamics GP Business Portal to help streamline their purchase order processing area by utlizing requisitions and inquiries into Inventory from their employees.
  • Still another customer has decided to turn away from ADP Payroll to handle Payroll, Direct Deposit, Human Resources within their Dynamics GP implementation and open their Business Portal allowing employees to update their vacation requests, addresses, W-2 information and to select their benefits.

As mentioned in several blogs by my ERP partners, continuing to utilize existing features of your investment makes sense.  But timing it so your employees feel confident in what they already do, taking Baby Steps to keep them from being overwhelmed is key.  Pick an area, ask your Microsoft GP Partner to help streamline your employee's efforts even more, then take on another department;  soon they will be lining up to ask for their turn in the stream.

As I've stated above, we share what our customers are doing within the customer base  through Newsletters, Tips, emails, and group phone calls so they can all benefit from the experiences, tips and tricks they have each learned.  Make sure you continue to take advantage of the system you purchase too.  But, take it easy on your workers, one step at a time!

By Abra Gilman, Borek Business Solutions ~ Oregon Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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