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Have you ever found yourself in this situation? You have data from another application that needs to be loaded into Microsoft Dynamics GP on a regular basis. However you cannot because Integration Manager needs to use one of your GP user licenses and everyone is already logged in. Or you need to load data without user intervention?

These are two of the main reasons for using Scribe Software’s Insight tool.

Scribe provides you with pre-configured adapters that use Microsoft’s eConnect engine. This means that the Dynamics GP Business rules will be followed when loading data.

You may ask, “But doesn’t Integration Manager do the same thing?” Yes. However, Scribe can do much more. Scribe does not need to use a Dynamics GP user license in order to run, so no one needs to log off of Dynamics GP in order to run an integration. Scribe can communicate directly with other servers. In other words, Scribe can go get the data you need rather than waiting for it to be delivered. Scribe is also much faster than Integration Manager.

Additionally, Scribe comes with a management console that makes it easy to manage the process from your desktop. Through the console, you can monitor integration activity. But more importantly, the console allows you to create a schedule for your integrations. You decide how often and what event will trigger an integration to run. For example, an integration can be scheduled to run daily, weekly or monthly at a pre-determined time. The console can also be set to detect the presence of a file in a specific folder. Once detected, an integration will be launched. The console can be configured to send e-mail notifications when an integration fails.  The console also has the ability to monitor changes made to certain data. When a change is detected, an integration is then launched.

Once Scribe has been configured, the need for direct intervention with integrations is significantly reduced allowing you to focus on your business rather than data integrations.  This tool is so important that Crestwood has several Scribe certified consultants on staff to assist you with your data migration needs.

See the Scribe Insight tool integrate data by reviewing the demos and contact Crestwood Associates for more information.

By Gerry Weiler, Certified Microsoft Dynamics GP Project Manager at your Chicago Area Microsoft Gold Certified Dynamics GP Partner, Crestwood Associates.

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