Even CPA’s Are Using Twitter – Are You?

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I have to admit, I thought CPA’s would be the very LAST people to join Twitter, but this WebCPA article proves me wrong.  And if CPA’s and CPA firms are doing it, that means all the rest of you financial folks might start jumping in. 

Already several of our members are “tweeting” about Microsoft Dynamics GP. Check out twitter pages by Interdyn Artis, The Resource Group, Socius, Premier Computing and CAL Business Solutions. They report that many people follow them to do accounting software research but also to find local events and training for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

I thought this article gave some nice reasons why CPAsare getting involved plus specific tips on what to write about (which is always the biggest problem). Here are a few highlights:

 Reasons to get involved:

One CPA started tweeting so “people won't think he's a dinosaur when it comes to technology, and because he believes that the way Twitter is evolving and growing will only add credibility to people who post quality content consistently”

Another CPA started using Twitter about six months ago “to advise business leaders and to follow some of the "great thinkers" in the profession. "Twitter is a wonderful medium to 'speed learn' as all posts are small and concise," he said.”

What to Write About:

 “The CPAs who are using Twitter and who are doing it right are letting their interests and expertise show - and there are basic tactics on how to accomplish that. First, find an article that your target audience might be interested in, such as a change in the tax law, and treat it just as a link. Second, "retweet" or repost an interesting article, including a question to clients about their opinions on the said post. Third, you can step it up a bit and include your opinion as a CPA and how you would approach the issue at hand as a problem to solve.”

“Tweeters should stay away from posting anything resembling a sales pitch, and instead focus on providing information and passing along facts - such as links to articles explaining new regulations.”

What about you? Do you think there is a reason for CFOs and other Financial Professionals to use Twitter? Do you think it is a valuable networking and research tool or a passing trend?

 Even ERP Software Blog has a twitter page – check it out!

 By CAL Business Solutions – Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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