You Know You Need New Accounting Software - Now What?

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At some point the realization hits you that your company needs new accounting software - you can’t put it off any longer.  So where do you start?  Search the web, ask your friends? How can you find an expert to give you an honest opinion and not just a sales pitch?

 At CAL Business Solutions, we offer free Accounting Software Discovery Calls. During a 45-60 minute conference call or meeting, George Mackiewicz, the owner of CAL Business Solutions, will ask questions about your business processes, your current system, your goals and more. Based on 27 years of experience working with financial software George will help you determine if Microsoft Dynamics GP is a good fit for your needs and your budget. (If it is not a fit, he can often recommend other software packages to consider.)  This preliminary discussion can help you formulate your requirements, your budget and your timeline. If you invest one hour of your time to discuss your current system, processes and new system needs, we will let you know if GP is a good fit for your business and how much a new accounting system will cost. 

I know that many people hesitate to schedule a call like this because they feel that it is just going to be a salesman pushing a product. Trust me, George is different. Check out what one CFO said after his discovery call: “Thank you for discussing our needs and being straight forward that we might be served better by another partner. Your honesty & integrity are appreciated; it makes me wish that we could have worked together, because I admire these qualities.”  

People tell me that this call is an excellent education, much better than hours spent searching the web (that just leaves them more confused).  Even if you are not ready to buy a package now, this call can help you determine the right questions you need to ask your team or even other software vendors. It is the best first step in a software selection project.  Interested? Schedule a discovery call now. or call 860-485-0910 x3102.

 By CAL Business Solutions – Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

1 thought on “You Know You Need New Accounting Software - Now What?”

  1. Nice job, Anya!

    Our CEO does the same real-time consultations with Resellers to determine how we can best serve them with an extra talent pool or just by adding qualified and motivated professionals to your team, under your management, for short- and long-term assignments. Can you arrange for an audience with George where I can put him together with Dr. Sahib Dudani, my CEO? You and I could attend too, because I'm sure that we would pick up some very useful insights.

    Best regards,
    Rich Smith
    ISV Global Partners

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