Which Version of Microsoft SQL Server is best for Dynamics GP?

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Recently I had a prospect ask what version of Microsoft SQL Server came with Microsoft Dynamics GP?  I have been selling Microsoft Dynamics GP in Southern California for over 9 years, and yet I had to go double check the Dynamics price list before I answered the question. When I looked at the price list, the offering was Dynamics GP Standard or Enterprise "Runtime Edition.

What is Runtime Edition? If you go on the Microsoft website, you can find information on SQL Express, SQL Workgroups, SQL Standard and SQL Enterprise, but nothing on SQL Runtime. The Runtime Edition is a special version of SQL Server that is available to Microsoft Dynamics customers on their initial purchase. With your Dynamics purchase, you will receive the SQL Server component at no charge, and just pay a fee for each "named user". Each person who accesses Microsoft Dynamics GP is required to have a user licensed in their name (hence, named user). This is different than the Dynamics GP licensing, which is based on concurrent users. The number of SQL Server users must be equal to or more than the number of Dynamics users and or Web Based/Portal access users. Sounds good? Sure, but here is the catch. You must define the scope of your solution at the time of licensing and this becomes your "Unified Solution". If you decide down the road to add additional functionality in Dynamics GP that was not defined in your original "Unified Solution", such as licensing Business Portal users, each Business Portal user licensed after the initial purchase would require an additional SQL Server Runtime license.

Is Runtime Edition right for you? Well that depends on your deployment. If Dynamics GP is the only SQL solution in your organization and you have no plans for expansion or changes, it just might be. Ask your Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner about it, it could be a nice option if the circumstances fit.

If you want to know more about which version of Microsoft SQL is better for you, contact TMC, a Gold Certified Microsoft Dynamics GP partner at info@tmc-la.com.

By Brenda Diener, Director of Business Development for TMC, your Southern California Dynamics GP Gold Certified Partner.

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