Top 5 Ways to Spend Any Downtime this Summer

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If your business is a little slow this summer, use the time wisely.  Get ready for the recovery because it is coming, but the path is uncertain and is likely to have ups and downs instead of a predictable upward climb.

Here are 5 things every business should be doing:

1) Evaluate workflow processes from start to finish.  Figure out where systems automation and integration can save you time and improve the flow of information.

2) Build and extend reporting mechanisms to allow the quickest access to the most critical data and genuine business intelligence.  Don't be caught off guard and unable to deliver.

3) Invest to beat the competition. Be prepared to provide better customer service, better response times, better shipping times, etc., etc.   You can't afford to be second best.  CRM solutions have now evolved into "xRM" where every relationship is important and needs to be managed carefully - vendors, partners, patients, members, donors, etc.  Communication and consistency is absolutely critical when staffing is lean, but business starts picking up.

4) Invest in the right technologies to allow you to adjust quickly to fluctuations without expensive hiring decisions.  Make sure the applications are easy to use and quick to implement.  Focus on quick wins with obvious ROI, such as self-service web applications which allow your business to scale easily.

5) Figure out how to use what you have.   92% of employees under-utilize business applications.  Push the limits, ask for help from the Dynamics GP experts, extend information throughout the organization.

By RSM McGladrey - NY Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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