Should You Wait For the Release of the New Microsoft Dynamics GP “11”?

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Although my grandmother needs a new computer now she is waiting to buy it until the release of the new Windows 7.  Why? Someone told her it was “better”.  Well, I am sure it is, new is usually better otherwise why would they release it.  But for her, she needs a new computer now and Vista would already be a HUGE improvement from her current system.  Plus upgrading now would save her (and me) quite a bit of frustration.

This is the same with Microsoft Dynamics GP.  You could wait for the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP “11” but what will that cost you now? Probably quite a bit of inefficiency and frustrated users, limping along on a system like Peachtree or QuickBooks that you have likely already outgrown, or is threatening to give out any day.   The better idea is to implement Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 now.  And when GP “11” is released you will receive it free since you will be active on your maintenance plan which is required for the first year.

But for those of you who are the type to stand in line because you must have the very latest and greatest, here is the timeline.  Microsoft told partners in May 2009 “we will now schedule our major release cycle around future Microsoft Office system releases, which generally occur every 24–30 months.”  The last major release of Microsoft Dynamics GP was Version 10.0 in June 2007. The next major release, Microsoft Dynamics GP “11” is scheduled for Q2 of 2010. In the interim, there were a number of feature packs that all delivered value for Dynamics GP customers.

Microsoft says “Microsoft Dynamics GP “11” development will focus on increasing depth and reach for core functionality, enriching integrations with the Microsoft Office system, extending external connections through Web Services, and ensuring faster Return on Investment (ROI) for customers.”

GP Product Roadmap

Will Microsoft Dynamics GP “11” be better? Sure it will!  But is it worth waiting and limping along on an already outdated system? Probably not!

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By CAL Business Solutions – Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

6 thoughts on “Should You Wait For the Release of the New Microsoft Dynamics GP “11”?”

  1. As the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 11 gets closer here is an intresesting detail: FRx will still be available for GP10 customers who upgrade to GP11. They will have a choice to either stall on FRx while they are using GP11, or to migrate over to Management Reporter (no fee for Management Reporter). All NEW customers purchasing GP11 will get Management Reporter (Version 2) for their financial reporting needs. Forecaster will still be sold separately for budgeting.

    This post has a nice review of Frx and Management Reporter.

  2. The most recent news from Microsoft is that Microsoft Dynamics GP Version 11.0 will be released in March 2010. You can start looking for roadshows and product release events in February 2010. (your Microsoft Dynamics GP partner will get Version 11 a few months sooner so we can start testing it for you in advance).

  3. Sandeep Walia, Ignify

    It would be interesting to understand what feature you are looking to build in GP 10.0 that you feel GP 11.0 will have. Also I'm surprised that it would take 4 months to get a feature out. More infomation would be helpful.

  4. Bob - Thank you for your question. In our opinion, it is not worth waiting. Reason 1) We agree with the comment above that it is not a great idea to implement a new version as soon as it is released. Let other people test it for a while before you jump in. We typically wait at least 6 months before recommending our clients upgrade to a new version. This means you would be waiting until at least Q4 to put in Dynamics 11. So if you need a new system now, don't wait. Start getting the benefits now. 2) The tools that are used now to customize Dynamics are less and less at the database level. (such as eConnect) So the upgrade path should be smooth. While there may be some extra services cost to upgrade your customized system, it should be minimal. A caveat to this might be VBA modifications, which can be more painful.
    This is of course assuming that you work with a GP Partner that has an experienced development team to do the customization. If you want to give us a call to discuss your options we would be happy to give you any needed advice. 860-485-0910 x3102
    Whoever you work with, discuss the specific upgrade path of the modifications early on in the process.

  5. What if the new implementation includes significant development in and around GP? We are about to examine GP to replace Quickbooks and a simple Access DB application. The requirements will be to tweak some GP screens and create separate, but integrated, Visual Studio / SQL Server applications. While knowing nothing about GP customization, it would seem customizing GP 10 and, later, implementing the changes in GP 11 would be risky and expensive.

    Assuming GP 10 customization would take +/-4 months, would it not be more prudent to wait on GP11?

  6. Tammy McMichael

    I couldn't agree with you more! One thing I would also add is that unless there is a piece of new functionality that is unique to a new version that you absolutely cannot live without, it's not a horrible idea to let a new version of any software "settle" a little before you decide to implement it.

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