Microsoft Spent Over $8 Billion on R&D in Fiscal Year 2009!

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I reported a few weeks ago that Sage’s CTO told his vendor channel  that "Some of our products have fallen behind the technology curve and need increased R&D investment." I wanted to compare this to Microsoft. My research shows that Microsoft spent over $8 Billion on R&D in its fiscal year 2009 across all products!

Why does this mean to you?  It means Microsoft has the money it takes to continually improve their products.  It means you can feel secure that Microsoft is a stable company that will be there to support the product you buy.

 In a recent report, AMR Research sais: “ERP (is) a crucial component to Microsoft Business Solutions‘ People Ready positioning,(and) also presents revenue opportunities for other Microsoft businesses. And we all know how Microsoft feels about revenue opportunities for its other businesses.”

What does this mean for you?  A strong Microsoft Dynamics business business will help Microsoft increase revenue in all their other business areas. So they will make sure that the 5 Microsoft Dynamics products are solid and leading the market.

In uncertain times, invest in the best.

by CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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