Lean or Fat, Microsoft Dynamics GP Scales

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Whether you’re a small business poised for rapid growth, or a much larger business looking for ways to be leaner and more agile, there is new evidence out that illustrates Microsoft Dynamics GP’s ability to scale—successfully handling massive amounts of transactions and data.   The white paper demonstrates a sample customer environment with 1000 concurrent users, all engaged in heavy transaction processing or analysis activity, to detail how Microsoft Dynamics GP and SQL Server can handle the peaks and valleys of typical business cycles, as well as growth over a longer time period. 

Why is this relevant?  The study indicates that, “Testing results prove that businesses that rely on scalable operating environments can achieve better results using business management applications—in this case, Microsoft Dynamics GP—based on Windows Server and Windows client operating systems and SQL Server.  And they can do so at a fraction of the price of comparable systems.”

For upper mid market and enterprise companies, in today's economy when people aren't buying as quickly or as frequently as they used to, and your business needs to preserve cash, you have an alternative to your costly ERP system—the one eating away at your profits instead of helping you sustain and grow your business.   

If you’re a start-up or smaller firm, you need to know your new system will be able to easily handle significant increases to your transaction volume should your company undergo tremendous growth.   With Microsoft Dynamics GP, you’re strongly positioned for today and well down the road, eliminating the issue of outgrowing your software when your data base exceeds the limit, you need multiple people in the system concurrently or you can’t get the type of reporting you need to effectively run your business. 

So whether it’s scaling up for growth or scaling back to preserve cash flow, Microsoft Dynamics GP can go the distance for your business.

By OmniVue Business Solutions, Atlanta, Georgia Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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  1. Great post! I was also thinking of writing on this topic. I also think it is interesting to note that this white paper details a sample customer environment that was able to process nearly 3.3 million business transactions, with a total of more than 10.6 million transactions line items, all within an 8 hour day! The paper also details real-life customer performance results of existing Microsoft Dynamics GP Customers. Certainly worth downloading!

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