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This week I went to a very interesting seminar titled Simplify Technology by Scott Peters, Chief Collaboration Officer of Ideas Evolving. He explained that a company’s Information Chain must consist of people, process and technology. All three components must be present for the chain’s links to be whole. The Information Chain is a business cycle consisting of the customer acquisition activities, business transaction process, accounting for costs and revenues, customer satisfaction measurement of transactions, and then starts over again with the next customer acquisition.

He explained that many companies have an information chain that does not function properly. Many information chains are broken. These broken links of the information chain are evident when information such as customer data may be shared among individuals within the organization but may be duplicated in several applications. This is inefficient, has much potential for miskeying and causes employees to question the accuracy of data.

For some companies, the information chain is not totally broken, but rather rusted. In addition to the accounting and line of business applications such as inventory control or project billing, the company’s employees have also built many stand alone Excel worksheets and custom applications to manage different aspects of the business. In fact, this can get so bad that the chain will be shattered into many islands of information (or information silos) with no bridge to connect them.

To survive and thrive, companies need to streamline their Information Chains, Scott explained. Companies need to reduce their number of technology applications they use to manage their business.  If they have 12 applications, they need to get this down to 3 to 4 applications and they should all speak to each other to eliminate the silos of information and other standalone departmental tools prevalent in rusted information chains.

Scott reiterated that companies need to reduce the number of technology applications, maximize the use of your existing IT infrastructure, document your business processes, and leverage low cost, high ROI solutions to streamline their information chains. He also talked a lot about the role CRM can play to streamline the Information Chain and some low cost applications that can be used to make customer acquisition process more efficient as well as measure customer satisfaction. Additionally, he emphasized the importance of documenting a company’s processes, optimizing those processes, training multiple staff on processes to eliminate human silos and making the process documents living documents that are kept up-to-date and changed to reflect current state. Of course, I don’t want to give away all his secrets from the presentation.

Microsoft Dynamics GP and Dynamics CRM are a fully integrated solution that can easily help companies reduce their number of business applications.  Dynamics GP as a mature ERP solution has many integrated solutions such as Business Intelligence, Document Management, Job Costing, Warehouse Management, and many other providers which can also be used to take the rust out of company’s information chain.

by The TM Group – Michigan Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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