Experts Report on the Positive Return on Investment (ROI) of Purchasing Microsoft Dynamics GP

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I found some great statistics in this independent Nucleus Research report on the ROI of purchasing Microsoft Dynamics GP.  This report focuses on the experience of small and medium-sized organizations (those with fewer than 1000 employees) using Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains). While the report itself is a few years old, the statistics are still just as telling. (I know how much you finance folks like statistics!) You can download the full report but I will save you the time and give you a few highlights:

  • 87% of customers had already achieved a positive ROI from their Microsoft Dynamics GP deployment, and those customers had an average payback of 21 months. 60% of projects were completed on time, and 73% were on or under budget.
  • 87% of companies were able to increase employee productivity or reduce or redeploy employees as a result of their Microsoft Dynamics GP deployment. For companies reducing full time employees, on average they were able to eliminate 3 full time employees.
  • 53% of companies deploying Microsoft Dynamics GP were able to improve customer service and sales efficiencies.
  •  53% of companies were able to reduce IT costs by deploying Microsoft Dynamics GP to replace multiple disparate systems and applications. 
  • 33% of companies were able to reduce accounting time or external auditing costs by deploying Microsoft Dynamics GP. 
  • Other key benefits companies noted included increased profitability through better inventory management, better management of accounts receivables, and other cost savings, and reduced HR and payroll costs.

In conclusion the report says “Microsoft Dynamics GP delivers a positive ROI to most customers by streamlining business processes and reducing costs – without expensive implementation and support costs. Organizations with multiple disparate solutions today will likely find they can achieve a significant ROI from deploying Microsoft Dynamics GP.

 For small and medium sized organizations, finding a business management solution that can deliver returns without breaking the bank can sometimes be a challenge. A number of Microsoft Dynamics GP customers noted that while the solution took some effort to deploy, it enabled them to compete more effectively with much larger competitors because it supported visibility and efficiencies usually only possible with a more expensive technology solution. Thoughtful partner selection, project management, and focus on training and adoption will deliver maximum returns.”

Great statistics to prove that purchasing Microsoft Dynamics GP is a good return on investment (ROI).

Note: I do think the median 3-year cost of a Microsoft Dynamics GP deployment chart in this document is pretty misleading.  It bases its research on a software cost of $150,000.  (this would be about 75 concurrent users!).  Since most of our clients buy an average of 5 users, the software cost would be more like $11,250.  If you want to learn more about the cost of Microsoft Dynamics check out our GP Price List or download our “30 Questions to Ask About the Cost of Accounting Software” white paper.

If you are interested in comparing your current system to Microsoft Dynamics GP, contact CAL Business Solutions.

 By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut (CT) Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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