Dynamics GP in Dubrovnik?

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Every year I love to travel to new and exotic places.  This year, I decided to adventure to Croatia and Montenegro.  Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect.  I heard fabulous things from those that had been, but in researching, there didn’t seem to be as much information as one would hope for.  After a delayed flight, and an unexpected overnight in New York we arrived at our destination, Dubrovnik.  No sooner than we put our bags down, we were off for a climb on the old city walls.  Lucky for us, it was morning, so we managed to miss the intense heat that showed up at noon on our dissent.  The rest of the day was spent water skiing and kayaking.  What a great way to start a vacation!  The next day, we decided to get serious and hire a tour guide.  Scouring my Rick Steves tour guide book for info, I found Pero Klaic.

Pero  picked us up and spent the day with us touring.  He speaks perfect English, and had an amazing way with my kids (teenagers can be so hard to please).  He knows Croatia inside and out, and there was no question that we asked that he couldn’t answer.  So I bet you are wondering what this has to do with Dynamics GP?  Well, towards the end of the day, during our 3 hour drive back from Korcula, I popped the question.  What Accounting Software does he use to run his business?  I waited in suspense, until he answered QuickBooks. I had to fly all the way to Croatia to hear about QuickBooks?  As we started chatting, I quickly realized that he didn’t need Intercompany Transactions, Multiple Ship to Addresses, Lifo/Fifo Inventory, Sales tax by Items or Statistical Accounts.   He also did not need Landed Cost, Multiple Warehouses, Strong Financial Reporting or Workflow.  Believe it or not, QuickBooks was actually a good solution for him.   But if he ever outgrows it, I will have a great excuse to visit Croatia once again, as a legitimate business expense.

By Brenda Diener, Director of Business Development for TMC (Technology Management Concepts) , your Southern California Gold Certified Dynamics GP Partner

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