Do You Have the Recipe for your Food and Beverage Distribution ERP Solution?

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Small and medium food wholesalers and distributors face unique challenges in keep their products fresh and moving them fast through their distribution channels.  They know their customers are looking for ways to keep their costs low and service high.  Distributors can be more nimble with quick access to accurate information.

We have the perfect solution for Food and Beverage Distribution companies! Using Microsoft Dynamics GPwith the core ERP solution and advanced distribution modules, in combination with Myridas from Trinity Computer Services Ltd for solutions to round out the functionality of Dynamics GP.

Key software functionality includes:

  • Telesales functions with fast order entry, customer templates and call scheduling
  • Complex pricing, discounting and promotion arrangements
  • Stock management with warehouse, automated data capture and forecasting
  • EDI through a flexible and comprehensive solution
  • Load scheduling and journey planning
  • Customer and management reporting through easy-to-use interrogation and report generation tools
  • Split-packs, price mark-ups, best before dates, sell by dates and catch weights

Microsoft Dynamics GP and Myridas from Trinity is a winning combination for the food wholesaler and distributor.  Systems have been successfully implemented in the following sectors:

  • Catering Butchers
  • Meat Wholesalers & Suppliers
  • Foodservice
  • General Provisions - multi temperature
  • Fish Wholesalers

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By John Fischer, Account Executive at your Chicago Area Microsoft Gold Certified Dynamics GP Partner, Crestwood Associates.

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