Microsoft Offers To Help Unhappy Sage Users

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I ran across this blog post the other day called, "Why Sage Sucks". Now usually I don't pay attention to these, since there is always some disgruntled user out there that likes to rant on and on about nothing (like the people who call our software Great Pains instead of Great Plains - cute!).   BUT in this case it is different because there so many people who posted comments agreeing with him.  One comment says "I have been installing software from different developers for about 15 years now and the only time I ever have problems is with Sage products".  Yikes!

Now that I see so many complaints against Sage I am not surprised that the #1 Sage reseller just went bankrupt.  And I also see why Microsoft is really targeting Sage users hard core - offering some of the biggest promotions I have ever seen to get companies to switch from MAS90/200 to Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Save 50% off licenses of Microsoft Dynamics GP AND cash back for installation and training. Amazing!

And please, if you are located in the Connecticut area, be sure to call me before you do something silly like the one commenter who says he is changing back to QuickBooks. Once you get off Quickbooks, you should never have to go back. 860-485-0910 x3102.

by CAL Business Solutions - Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

2 thoughts on “Microsoft Offers To Help Unhappy Sage Users”

  1. I heard about this when it happened, which was right after Sage's biggest partner based in Texas closed its doors. If anyone on the planet is still relying on any Sage product to run a business, then you may also be interested in using the worst business productivity solution, Lotus Notes, and I'm sure we can scare up a Ford Edsel for you to drive. Sage is a strong contender for most poorly managed company on the face of the earth, a typical old-line, stodgy plodder vastly more concerned on internal Sage politics than with any notions of what customers and markets might want. Anyone at Sage worth hiring left long ago, and if you are a Sage customer what you get at every level reflects that bottom-of-the-barrel, lowest-common-denominator reality. It takes a lot for me to recommend anyone flee into the arms of Microsoft, but Sage makes the Redmond, WA, death star look like Disney World by comparison.

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