5 Benefits of Having a Certified Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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While there are many articles written on HOW to find a local Microsoft Dynamics GP partner with the best qualifications to support your Microsoft Dynamics GP system, there still remains an outstanding question of “WHY do I need a partner to support my ERP system?”

While working with our own GP customers for over a decade, we have heard these comments over and over again during our implementations, support calls, and ongoing emails.

1.       How did you know what I meant?

2.       I didn’t know I could do it that way!

3.       That’s great news and just what I could use!

4.       That’s why I should upgrade!

5.       I’m so glad I called you ~ you saved me so much time!

As a Microsoft Dynamics GP partner, we work intimately with each of our customers, designing the proper implementation plan, business processes, and automation techniques that will work best for the type of business, size of company, and IT knowledge of the employees we discover they have.  We use our decades of knowledge in ERP systems and the customer’s specific industry to meld a perfect match of computerization and personal touch while streamlining their procedures.  

In doing so, we get to know each of our customers ~ their individual businesses; their idiosyncrasies; their preferences; their expectations; and their outstanding challenges.  It doesn’t cost extra, these are just benefits of using a consistent, certified, local partner to implement and support your Microsoft Dynamics GP system.

So, why have our customers said “This is the benefit of having a partner” ! (This link will provide you with specific customer examples ). 

We truly work with our customers to continue to provide them information, assistance, and consulting ~ when we know they could use it!  That is why we provide Newsletters, Blogs, and continuing correspondence with each of them!

By Abra Lynne Gilman, Borek Business Solutions ~ Oregon Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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