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By BroadPoint, Leading Dynamics GP Partner

With today's business operations it is common that there is always a unique process that needs to be adhered to.  Ultimately these processes can cause some confusion with multiple sets of data residing in different formats causing it to be entered in multiple times, manual reconciliation and other inefficiencies.  This leads to the question of do we integrate or create a custom application?

While there are a number of modules available in Dynamics GP, over 100 all together, there is also over 400 ISV products available and more coming every day!  The problem is that these products generally target a specific need and are not tailored to your unique process however, there is another product that allows you to create your own functionality (modules) with an easy to use interface - no need for a developer.  The product is eONE Extender Enterprise and here are just a few samples of what it has created for our clients - all within Dynamics GP!

  1. RFPRFQ Management to link with projectsjobs
  2. Contact Management (CRM)
  3. Contract Management
  4. Call tracking (service) Management
  5. Customized PO and SOP operations that leverages the GP inventory module
  6. Subscription Management
  7. Software Management
  8. HR Management

Also, since eONE technology is embedded within Dynamics GP, the functionality will upgrade without issues.

Do you have any other unique processes and inquiring if it will work? Are you skeptical? Tried something like this and got burnt before? Think it is too expensive? Think it will take a long implementation?

If so, challenge us!  We can build a prototype together and if it is not satisfactory, will take you out for lunch.  Contact BroadPoint today!

By BroadPoint, Leading Dynamics GP Partner

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