Microsoft Dynamics GP is Second to None

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The controversial and seemingly unexpected second place finishes of reality show favorites Adam Lambert and Susan Boyle once again calls into question the legitimacy of reality television. Voter conspiracy theories abound; yet what viewers once again fail to realize is that reality TV is not real TV. Its very nature is contrived, scripted and artificial, and we seem to fall for the same “shocking” ending year after year.


I mention this because in the business software world, we have a tendency to over rely on rankings or surveys that position a particular enterprise (ERP) software solution as the leader or favorite. When I meet with a new prospect, I am often asked to provide collaborative evidence of how the Microsoft Dynamics GP solution stacks up against the competition, as if by doing so all other decision criteria become less important.  And yes, in my sales “toolkit” I have access to numerous studies and can cite various sources that rank Great Plains as the top middle market solution, but I find competing solutions can dig up some survey from somewhere that also shows their solution as the top choice.  Rankings by their very nature have some built in degree of subjectivity, as much as they may claim otherwise. Ease of use, user interfaces, even specific module features; these are all attributes that leave some room for interpretation. Plus, they don’t consider the unique needs of your business, so many of the attributes or features rated may not even be applicable to your situation.


So when asked, the Knaster Technology Group does willingly provide our prospects this information, but with the caveat that it be not be taken out of context or overemphasized.  Rankings may be important, but they represent only a small portion of what needs to be considered when evaluating enterprise accounting systems.  And they are certainly not a replacement for upfront discovery and proof of concept demonstrations which more closely determine business fit. Only after going through this process of due diligence can you properly determine if the Dynamics GP (Great Plains) solution is second to none.


by Knaster Technology Group - Colorado Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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