Microsoft Dynamics GP - don't miss the season finale!

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My favorite TV month of the year is May, when many high profile shows like American Idol, Lost, Grey’s Anatomy and 24 gear up for their much anticipated suspenseful and often shocking season finales (admit it-you watch them also!) Viewership increases significantly as these final episodes near, many times setting new records. The networks know that viewership levels peak in May before receding to much lower levels throughout the summer.  So by saving their best episodes for last, they are virtually guaranteed to attract the highest audience possible. The content of the final show might be a surprise for the viewer, but the number of viewers watching is carefully predicted and not unexpected by the networks.


The Microsoft fiscal year works in a very similar fashion.  During the month of June, anticipating slower sales during the dog days of summer,  Microsoft offers their best incentives of the sales year for new customers to purchase Dynamics GP.  Even existing Great Plains customers can purchase additional users or modules at significant savings. The number of Dynamics GP promotions available this May and June is truly astonishing, ranging from special financing offers like Business ready flexible pay and SmartPay to 25% discounts for purchases of multiple user licenses. The Knaster Technology Group can assist in helping you evaluate the many Microsoft Dynamics GP offers available to ensure that your business makes the right choice.  With so many offers in play, your business can truly benefit from this Microsoft selling season finale – which should not come as a surprise or shock to anyone.


By The Knaster Technology Group - Colorado Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

1 thought on “Microsoft Dynamics GP - don't miss the season finale!”

  1. I love the comparison to the Season Finales! And now the selection of shows seems like a let down. It is SO true, there are some amazing promotions out there from Microsoft that we are trying to share with all of our prospects. Especially those that are moving from other software platforms ~ they can take advantage of those prior investments by getting discounts and rebates!

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