Keys to Success When Evaluating Financial Management Software

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Evaluating financial management software can be an overwhelming task as there are many factors to consider. Some of the typical questions to ask about your system include: Does your financial system provide the latest and greatest functionality available? Are your users able to generate adequate reporting with the software’s reporting tools? Is your system completely integrated or are you required to enter the same data into multiple places and multiple systems? Do you spend more time finding the data than analyzing and responding to it?

When considering new financial management software, there are typically five areas you should consider and review when making a decision including:

• Reporting

• Business processes

• Modules and functionality

• System integration

• Total cost of ownership

Implementing a financial software package can be a very significant investment and critical to the operational success of your organization. As you go through the software decision-making process, you should gather data in each of these areas to allow you to have a more complete picture of the solution that you are considering. As you find the software vendor and product that match your company in these areas, you have a high chance for success in the implementation of your financial management software solution. For a detailed report on how you can assess the strengths and weaknesses of your current system and make the right decision for your company, download the Evaluating Financial Management Software report  here.

By ERT Group - Florida Microsoft Dynamics Partner

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