Google for the perfect Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) Partner for you!

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Do you have trouble searching the internet (Google) and finding exactly what you were looking for?  For example, you want to find a Great Plains partner who sells and implements the Microsoft Dynamics GP product line in your area, but you keep getting a link to the biggest reseller for other Microsoft services instead?  Try some of these tips, and then read below to see a link  for some additional tips noted on one Dynamics reseller's blog.

 Tips for Google search that may not be obvious to you:

  • Using the + Term.  When you search for often used words, like how, where, or the, they will be ignored. But if you want to have them in your search string you have to put a '+' directly to their left, e.g. "+how +to Dynamics GP product demo"
  • Using the - Term. Use this when you want to exclude pages with certain words. That is most useful when you search for someone who has the same name as a celebrity, or is known for more than one reason e.g. "Bill Gates -Microsoft -you -tube -senate -whistleblower +foundation"
  • Using '*'. Replaces one or more words, e.g.  "Microsoft Dynamics * consulting Eugene, Oregon"  (Yes, that will  lead you to our award-winning company!

More Google Search tips available at this blog.

By Abra Lynne Gilman, Borek Business Solutions - Oregon Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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