35 Features Microsoft Dynamics GP Has that QuickBooks Forgot

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I read an excellent research report done by J. Carlton Collins, the famous CPA, called "Practical Advice for Companies Outgrowing QuickBooks". It is rare to actually see exact comparison statistics but J. Carlton Collins is well known in the industry and a power user of both systems so I trust his opinion. He reports:

As a general rule, most companies using QuickBooks start to notice a decline in QuickBooks performance once the file size reaches 30MB or the total number of transactions exceeds 32,000. In QuickBooks, the number of customers, vendors, employees and other lists most dramatically affect performance. QuickBooks support acknowledges that significant performance problems generally occur when any list exceeds 10,000 - however, as a practical matter most companies see performance issues far earlier.

Microsoft Dynamics GP offers 1,531 more features than QuickBooks Enterprise (2,550 compared to 1,019 according to the 2007 edition of the Accounting Library).

The whole point of an accounting system is financial reporting and Microsoft Dynamics GP offers far more reports (700+ standard reports) than QuickBooks (112 standard reports).

If you read the full report you can actually get a list of 35 features that Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) has that QuickBooks doesn't -  download the Dynamics GP vs Quickbooks guide.

by CAL Business Solutions - Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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  1. Hello,

    The “Practical Advice for Companies Outgrowing Quickbooks” link and click here do not work. Can you fix this so we can access this report?

    Thank you very much.

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