13 Reasons to say “Good-bye” to Quickbooks and “Hello” to Dynamics GP

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Dynamics GP VS Quickbooks

Intuit’s Quickbooks has many things to offer to many businesses, but if you are counting financial periods, the count will end at 12.  Quickbooks can only accommodate 12 periods in a year, so for any business that wants to keep track of more than that, Quickbooks has just hit the wall.

There are many reasons to consider using more than 12 periods in a fiscal year.  Adopting a fiscal calendar of 13 periods, with each period consisting of exactly 4 weeks, allows for more accurate comparisons between periods.  Consider a retail establishment or a restaurant, where the majority of their business is conducted on the weekends.  To compare a month that has 4 weekends to a month that has 5 weekends can produce very misleading results.

Many companies do need more than 12 periods in a year.  Any company that wants to include a fiscal calendar that has a 13th period for adjusting purposes, or a manufacturing concern that wants to use a weekly period (often is a 4-4-5 calendar), will have to look outside Quickbooks for a solution.

Microsoft Dynamics GP offers far more flexibility than Quickbooks, offering the capacity to accommodate as many as 368 fiscal periods in a fiscal year.  That works out to daily fiscal periods, plus leap-years, plus two adjusting periods!  No matter what fiscal period definition your company requires, Dynamics GP can provide the solution you need.

 By TMC – Southern California Dynamics GP Partner

13 Reasons to say “Good-bye” to Quickbooks and “Hello” to Dynamics GP

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