5 Reasons To Consider Microsoft Dynamics GP On Demand Vs. NetSuite

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First, you're probably saying to yourself, "How can they even compare Microsoft Dynamics with NetSuite it's apples and oranges? NetSuite is a SaaS (Software as a Service) application and Microsoft Dynamics GP isn't." But that's only partly true, while NetSuite is strictly a SaaS application, Microsoft Dynamics GP can be configured either on-premise or on-demand-expertly hosted by a Microsoft Partner.  So let's start our comparison right there.

Reason #1 - NetSuite SaaS Only versus On-Premise and On-Demand with Microsoft GP
Microsoft Dynamics GP offers flexibility in deployment models, hosted (on-demand), on-premise and even a hybrid of both.  With a GP deployment you can change as your company or business needs change.  For instance, if you're a start-up or small business, an on-demand Microsoft Dynamics GP solution is ideal.  You can pay a low monthly fee to license the software, and access it via the internet without having to buy any hardware or software, maintain cash flow.  Then, as your business grows and you add users, it may make sense to establish an IT environment, add IT resources to your staff and bring the accounting solution in house.  You can't do that with NetSuite.

Reason #2 - Familiar and Role-tailored Experience
Most business people today spend a good deal of their time within the Microsoft Office applications whether it's Excel, Word or the biggie, Outlook.  The interface for Microsoft Dynamics GP was modeled to look and feel like the Microsoft Office tools we use every day.  Additionally Dynamics GP offers an industry role-tailored interface for a task-centric experience.  This adds up to ease of use with minimized training time and costs as users easily adapt to the familiar structure.  You don't get that with NetSuite.

Reason #3 - Total Cost of Ownership and ROI
According to information from Forrester and Nucleus Research, 87% of Dynamics GP small and mid-sized business customers achieved positive ROI from their deployment with an average payback time of 21 months.  In contrast, NetSuite fees and add-on module costs can exceed the Microsoft Dynamics GP maintenance fee per user, adding up to higher overall TCO.

Reason #4 - R & D, Stability and Experience
Microsoft invests around $5 billion dollars a year in research and development as part of their commitment to their customers' long term success.  This investment along with 25 years of experience helps support almost 39,000 Microsoft Dynamics GP customers worldwide.  And with over 2300 certified solution partners, compared to NetSuite's estimated 150 resellers, you have no trouble finding a partner to deliver a successful GP implementation. You don't get that with NetSuite.

Reason #5 - Functionality and Adaptability
CPA Technology Advisor's review of high-end accounting systems gave Microsoft Dynamics GP a 5 out of 5 stars rating and labeled it as "an adaptive solution with a broad set of functionality" which crosses financials, supply chain, manufacturing, project, payroll human resources and business intelligence with built in functionality specific to the manufacturing, distribution, retail, service, healthcare, public sector and not-for-profit industries. A report from the Accounting Library states that 84% of Microsoft Dynamics GP overall customer needs were met.  The same report states that only 31% of NetSuite customers basic features needs were met.

If you're considering a SaaS application for your accounting solution because of the upside associated with a monthly subscription, ease of implementation and hassle-free IT, look at Microsoft Dynamics GP on-demand and you'll also get the flexibility to move on-premise, the familiarity of Microsoft Office and a low total cost of ownership.

by OmniVue Business Solutions - Georgia Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

15 thoughts on “5 Reasons To Consider Microsoft Dynamics GP On Demand Vs. NetSuite”

  1. Which one is a True SAAS system, how long will your vendor be around and how secure is their site to trust with your data. NetSuite does have all their customers hosted so I would trust the secure there a lot more they these fly buy night partners. Why is Microsoft trying to re develop their software applications as SAAS solutions now, way behind the eight ball I would say.

    But that’s only partly true, while NetSuite is strictly a SaaS application, Microsoft Dynamics GP can be configured either on-premise or on-demand-expertly hosted by a Microsoft Partner.

  2. really i have read this article twice
    and i would like to thank u alot for ur explication and your write style . i have understood all thing and am looking for what you talk about , thax alot for sharing
    keep it up

  3. Mark, we all need to get up to date when comparing accounting software. Outsourcing the enhancement of SL is irrelevant. The issue is Microsoft's commitment to their ERP Dynamics products, including SL and GP. As Microsoft's statement of direction for SL said last year: "The current release of Microsoft Dynamics SL– 7.0 – is our first installment in this wave of investment and is the base of new technology on which we will build over the next several years."


    Also, see Kirill Tatarinov, a VP of Microsoft Business Solutions, state their long-term commitment to SL:

    I'm sure with this focus on SL, there is the same commitment to innovation with GP. NAV and AX being the whole future just isn't true.

  4. Mark - nice to hear that old rumors never die. I think the first time I heard about SL's demise was on version 4.21, that was six versions ago (technically seven, if you count 4.51 and 4.50 separately). As for the development of SL being outsourced, SL is being developed by the very same people that were doing development prior to Great Plains purchasing the product. If you want to split hairs that these people are paid by a separate company (Plumbline out of Findlay Ohio) as opposed to collecting a check from Microsoft, so be it. But the fact is the future of SL is being written by the same people who worked on the product back when Solomon was an independent company.

  5. Mark - Certainly you are entitled to your opinion and we won't delete comments that show different points of view. I am sure you are familiar with the idea of VAR's joining together to provide educational content online - since I know you do the same thing with a group of Sage partners. (bit of the pot calling the kettle black I would say). As for unbiased advice, I notice that you recommend readers to look at the systems that you happen to sell, is that unbiased? No, but it is honest. All of us choose to sell the products that we feel are the best. Personally I feel that all of the Dynamics products have their place and none should be put down - it is just not true that Dynamics SL is no longer enhanced and Dynamics GP is in maintenance mode.

  6. I'll give the blog creators here credit. At least they don't delete posts that aren't drooling over GP .

    Clearly this is a GP based site with a GP biased trying to drum up search engine based results for people looking for software.

    Thats all fair and its better to do it this way than black hat SEO tactics.

    That being said, anybody reading this site thinking they are getting unbiased answers is mistaken. For example, the articles on why GP is better than MAS90 are full of mistakes, exaggerations, and data from 10 year old versions. Sage has scientifically refuted the 'research' which was 100% funded by Microsoft.

    Not only that, but the real future Dynamics products to Microsoft are Dynamics NAV (Navision) for distributors, and Dynamics AX for manufacturers.

    SL isn't even enhanced by Microsoft anymore. It's all outsourced and GP, similar to MAS90, is in "milk the maintenance mode."

    If you want software that has real future path look at solutions like Dynamics NAV, AX or SAP Business One.

  7. David, it's great to see someone as passionate about NetSuite as we are about Microsoft Dynamics GP. And you're right, this site was founded by a group of Microsoft Dynamics partners, with the intention of educating business decision makers researching options for an accounting or ERP system. Visitors to the blog can find our company bio's in the 'Members' section of the site.

    Men and women who want reliability and ease of use should consider Microsoft Dynamics GP. Boys and girls, talk to David.

  8. This site is driven by a Microsoft GP VAR -- totally biased and bulls**t. NetSuite rocks and kicks ass on Great Pains. Come on over the Suite boys and girls and stop join the future.

  9. Stacy Meyer, OmniVue

    I can assure you that this site is not run by Microsoft. The contributors represent Microsoft Dynamics GP Partners across the nation who implement and support Microsoft ERP solutions.

  10. Is this website an Astro-Turf website because it seems to favor Microsoft an awful lot and does not mention anything from competitors. I have a feeling that this site is run by a Microsoft employee.

  11. Great post. Netsuite also have a great ecommerce offer, but with solution like k-eCommerce, Dynamics GP customers can have complete integrated ecommerce solutions on demand for $175/month. As Microsoft does, the solution is also available for customers who still want to host the ecommerce into their servers.

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