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What is IoT and How Can It Help My Business?

IoT, or Internet of Things is a buzzword you hear a lot when people talk about cloud computing. But do you know what it means? If you don’t, don’t feel bad. It’s a term that has a lot of confusion surrounding it. Put simply, IoT is an ecosystem of connected devices. These devices create and […]

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Struggling with Sales Tax? Finally, A Sales Tax Solution That Works with Your Cloud ERP!

No matter where your business operates, or what accounting software you use, one thing is for sure. You have customers whom you charge for your goods and/or services. And, in most cases, whenever you bill a customer, you must also take sales tax.  But, figuring out whether to take sales tax, and if so how […]

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Where’s the Danger in a Delayed ERP Upgrade?

There are lots of reasons why organizations delay an ERP upgrade or the purchase of a new system. A couple of the main ones we hear most often are: My company is too small for ERP system We have been functioning fine for X number of years without one We can’t afford that kind of […]

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Simplify Your ERP Research with this Handy Checklist

Whether you are updating legacy software, or buying your very first ERP system, choosing the right one for your business is never an easy or fast decision.  Unlike buying something common like shoes where you quickly evaluate your choices on a few simple criteria such as fit, style, color and price, selecting and ERP means […]

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Showcase of Microsoft Dynamics Add-On Solutions Now Available Online

In case you have not heard, Intelligent Technologies hosted a one-of-a-kind user conference and trade show in honor of our 25th anniversary on September 15. This information packed event, offered training given by our expert staff, demos of several popular Dynamics add-on solutions, a special presentation by John Formica, “the ex-Disney guy” where he gave […]

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Why Dynamics GP Users Cannot Afford to Miss Revolution!

In case you haven’t heard, we are hosting a user conference and trade show for Dynamics GP users and small business leaders on September 15 in Greensboro, North Carolina. Check out our last blog post for all the important details. Today however, I want to tell you why this is a can’t miss Dynamics GP event […]

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Free Trade Show and In Person Dynamics GP Training

Have you ever: Fought with your Microsoft Dynamics software to get it to do what you needed? Caught yourself thinking, "there must be an easier way" while using the software? Wondered if there are any tools available that could make your job easier or business more efficient? Wanted to explore some of the modern cloud […]

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What is the Cloud & Other Top Cloud Questions Answered

Today, I want to answer a few of the questions that we often hear from clients and perspective clients when they are considering making the switch to the cloud. Since this blog post is a little bit longer than normal, and I know everyone may not want to read through the whole thing, I’m going […]

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Hosted VS On Premise: Which Dynamics GP Deployment Method is Right for Your Business?

If you’ve just begun researching Microsoft Dynamics GP, you may not realize that you have a choice when it comes to how you want to deploy the system. You can choose to either deploy it on premise, meaning you own the servers, you purchase the Dynamics GP license, you are responsible for system backups and […]

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