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INFOGRAPHIC Simplify Your Business Life with Connected Software

Do your business software systems communicate reliably with one another? If you are using disparate software systems, one for invoicing, one for projects, another for shipping and still another for CRM, you are complicating your business life and risking everything from wasted time and money to misplaced or conflicting data. Simplify your business life by […]

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INFOGRAPHIC: 6 Reasons I Believe Acumatica is The Best ERP Cloud System

Up-to date Technology: Acumatica entered the market in 2010. Many other cloud solutions came earlier, around 1999-2000. While it’s often beneficial to get in on the ground floor, with technology it is different. Ten years ago, we didn’t have smart phones! By 2010, technology had expanded and there were different tools, different devices, different processes. […]

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Best ERP Multi-Tenancy Options

When talking about Cloud ERP alternatives, you often hear references to tenancy – and most often multi-tenancy.  What does this mean? And if you are choosing a cloud ERP solution why should you care?  In this blog, I will explore what tenancy really means, how it has changed over the years, and how a modern […]

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5 Steps to Acquire Modern World-class Financial Software

Today, when considering a change to your accounting system, you have the option of modern, cloud-based software over traditional, on-premise software. For some companies, there are good reasons to choose an on-premise system, whether it's hosted or not. But for most organizations, the advantages of a modern cloud solution are too great to ignore. It […]

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Infographic: The Case For Cloud and Dynamics ERP

Are you considering a move to the cloud? Perhaps you want to grow efficiently, modernize your business and work smarter. In this infographic find out why other businesses move to the cloud, and what you can expect from a cloud service provider.

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[Infographic] 7 Game Changing Trends Towards Online Accounting Software

Is it time to move to online accounting software? This infographic highlights 7 trends that show it is time to move in that direction.   The 7 trends towards online accounting software are: #1 The mobile workforce Your employees are on the move, but need to stay connected to the information they need. With cloud-based […]

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The 4 Primary Cloud Deployment Models – Simplified [Infographic]

With cloud hosting growing explosively in the short time frame that is has, there is some confusion around the primary cloud deployment models, especially for businesses that are just getting started. And understandably so. With so much buzz and emerging terminology, things can get confusing pretty quickly. It doesn't help that some sources provide conflicting […]

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Infographic: SMBs Face a New World of Work

Now is an exciting time to be an SMB! With affordable access to the latest and greatest technology, small to midsize businesses have a solid footing in the competitive playground with a unique advantage over large enterprises: flexibility and the personal touch of a small business. For SMBs, productivity is at an all-time high now that […]

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Deployment Options Reviewed in CFO’s Guide to ERP Software in the Cloud- Infographic

This infographic cuts through all that muddle by arranging the key points for each kind of system in an easy-to-compare format. System types are briefly explained, and the benefits and costs of each are listed for easy comparison.

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