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How to Choose the Best Nonprofit Accounting Software for Your NPO

Non-profit organizations (NPOs) have some similarities with commercial businesses in running their organizations. They both need to generate funds to be able to function. Both of them also need to manage their resources well to grow and achieve their goals. To do so, the two types of organizations need an effective and efficient accounting system. […]

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Does ERP Mean There’s No Use for Excel Workbooks?

Even before ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software solutions, there was Excel. Countless imaginative and well-executed Excel workbooks have been created by our clients and others. We know how much effort it takes to create theses Microsoft masterpieces and it would be a colossal waste to consign them to the recycle bin. Are they still useful? […]

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Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Nonprofit Finances: 5 Reasons to Invest in Good Accounting Software

As any fiction writer will tell you, there’s a lot to learn from make-believe. What is life if not a series of stories, each with its own setting, characters, problems, climax, and solution? With this in mind, take a moment, relax a little, and fire up the nerdy side of your brain. Today I’m going […]

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Why Intacct Cloud ERP is Arguably the Optimum Solution for Select Organizations

Companies that are heavily project-based, government contractors, and/or make-to-order manufacturers need an ERP system that can handle highly specific requirements such as Microsoft Dynamics SL, whether on-premise or hosted. But other small-to-mid-size organizations—nonprofits, professional services, software/SaaS, healthcare consulting, and hospitality—would benefit more from the multi-tenant Intacct Cloud ERP solution. Here are some reasons why: Intacct […]

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15 Red Flag Stories to Save You Accounting Software Pain

Let me tell you a Red Flag story. There are 15 of them. And just like the famous Aesop stories, each Red Flag story has a moral at the end. Only these stories are not made up. They are all true, and they all have the same moral for businesses: Don’t put off your ERP […]

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Intacct can meet grant and fund reporting needs

While all businesses need timely and accurate reports, this need can be especially acute for nonprofits. In many ways, reporting has an impact on financial strength than any other factor, because many non-profits receive as much as half of their funding from grants. That in turn creates a myriad of reporting requirements, as grantors want […]

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5 Things Non-Profits should know about Intacct

Cloud based ERP solutions like Intacct are an increasingly popular choice for Non-Profit organizations. Cloud means no need to purchase and maintain expensive IT infrastructure, and generally speaking, cloud based accounting software is easier to install and configure. Both of these mean lower costs for budget conscious Non-Profits. But beyond costs, Intacct has numerous features […]

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How Cloud ERP Allows RReal to Attract the Best and Brightest Mobile Workforce

What gives your company the competitive advantage when it comes to attracting the best and brightest talent? When RReal looks for the best talent to join their team, they are not just looking for the brightest candidates. They are looking for the brightest, most compassionate candidates. They want People who will understand the vision of […]

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