3 Must-Read Blog Posts for Evaluating NetSuite ERP
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3 Must-Read Blog Posts for Evaluating NetSuite ERP

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NetSuite is a cloud computing company that offers ERP, CRM and e-commerce solutions to small to mid-sized businesses. Several NetSuite partners contribute to ERP Cloud Blog, and here are three of the top posts you will want to read when evaluating NetSuite ERP software.


Top 5 Reasons to Buy NetSuite from a Local Partner


When people buy consumer software, they typically purchase the box or download it "as-is" with no expectation that it will be any more or less than what was advertised. Customization is typically limited. With a long-term investment like enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, the expectation should be something that will fit your business needs and expand with your business as it grows. For that, Technology Management Concepts says, you need a local partner to help you through implementation.


Clarifying the Differences between NetSuite “Editions” vs NetSuite “Levels”


NetSuite offers both "editions" and "levels", and some customers get confused by these terms. This post by The TM Group covers all of the three editions: CRM, Standard and OneWorld as well as the three levels: LE (Light Edition), MME (Mid-Market Edition) and EE (Enterprise Edition) and details the scenarios under which you would choose each level and edition.


Questions about NetSuite –Asked and Answered


Ever had a question you needed answered about NetSuite? There is a good chance that question has been answered in the list of 20 questions asked and answered in this post. Is there a minimum user count? How often does NetSuite upgrade? Who will provide support: NetSuite or my NetSuite partner? All of these and more are answered succinctly in this post by The TM Group.


Are you evaluating NetSuite? Looking or a NetSuite Partner?

You can read more NetSuite articles and find a NetSuite partner in our member directory on the ERP Cloud Blog.


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